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Examples :: MYSQL Examples :: Example of Set Mysql Statement

Example of Set Mysql Statement:

SET sort_buffer_size=10000;

SET @@local.sort_buffer_size=10000;

SET GLOBAL sort_buffer_size=1000000, SESSION sort_buffer_size=1000000;

SET @@sort_buffer_size=1000000;

SET @@global.sort_buffer_size=1000000, @@local.sort_buffer_size=1000000;

SET max_join_size=DEFAULT;

SET @@[email protected]@global.max_join_size;

Example of Mysql Set

SET variable_assignment [, variable_assignment] ...
user_var_name = expr
| [GLOBAL | SESSION] system_var_name = expr
| [@@global. | @@session. | @@]system_var_name = exp